Episode 2: 11th October

Attraction Tool

Adway delivers automated social recruitment marketing, empowering talent and recruitment leaders to attract way more talent at scale and speed. Smart technology simplifies talent acquisition while building deep, diverse talent pools, reducing cost per hire and removing reliance on expensive sourcing tools – forever.

3 Active Clients: Circle K, PEAB, Teleperformance, OnePartnerGroup

3 Core USP’s


Way simpler. You don’t need expertise in advertising algorithms to ensure your job ads are seen by the right people. We automate social media recruitment marketing for effective talent attraction. From the second a new vacancy is posted in your ATS, to the moment that your next hire applies, Adway handles everything in between. 


Way smarter. Adway naturally generates, targets the right audiences, and optimises job ad campaigns. Based on your target profiles, the platform continues to evolve, ensuring that every interaction builds on and adds value to the candidate experience, whilst retaining intelligence about your potential talent pools so your reach is amplified continuously.


Way more talent. Unleash the power of social media to extend and amplify your talent attraction strategy. Reach, connect, engage, and hire more of the right people, as Adway super charges recruitment marketing, intelligently working at scale so you never have to choose between relevance and volume of applications.


Client Testimonial

“Since we started working with Adway we have more than doubled the number of candidates into our vacancies, and that is a fantastic result. And we have also made sure that we attract relevant candidates because we have a high engagement on our ads.”

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