Eli Onboarding

Episode 2: 11th October

Engagement Tool

Eli is 100% about engagement. It’s a personalised, content-rich digital onboarding platform that new starters can explore in their own time and their own way. Technology that starts conversations, builds connections, embeds values, empowers line managers, automates process, manages tasks, and ultimately sets new starters up for success.

3 Active Clients: GE Healthcare, AstraZeneca, NatWest Group

3 Core USP’s


Eli is a fully branded environment for new starters to explore before and after day one – this creates a true sense of belonging for new hires.


Eli allows everyone involved in the onboarding experience – new hires, hiring managers, buddies and HR teams – to be given predefined personalised alerts, nudges and tasks based on their user profiles and timeline. 


Eli is totally unique in offering a social onboarding experience – encouraging all users to interact with their colleagues via the instant messaging system and social wall – allowing an organisation to create and encourage communities, groups and cohorts to interact before and after day one.


Client Testimonial

Our technology partner, Eli Onboarding, keeps us abreast of new innovations, best practice and insight. This has enabled us to roll out numerous continuous improvement actions such as site awareness campaigns at key moments in the recruitment lifecycle for both people leaders and new hires, targeted timed emails to nudge action, customised reports, and checklist alert reminder emails. They’ve all had a tremendously positive impact on both our qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Daniel Perkins, GE Healthcare

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