Episode 1: 4th October

Attraction Tool

JobTeaser is the only company to offer 100% guaranteed content reach thanks to its platform being directly integrated within higher education institutions and university Intranet sites, exactly where students log in every day to check their timetables and download their course material. Employers can multi-post their job ads and employer branded content directly into the platform of over 700 higher education institutions and universities in Europe.

3 Active Clients: AbInBev, BNP Paribas, Cargill

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3 Core USP’s


Multiposting: Job ads are visible on the university job boards with a single click.


Active and passive sourcing: employers can find the candidate they need among all the actively searching students and graduates of our network.


Employer branding: employers can stand out to candidates thanks to the creation of content and products that match with Gen-Z codes in order to help to attract qualified profiles.


Client Testimonial

“JobTeaser has been a trusted partner for over 2 years, and we’ve never looked back. It’s an incredible tool that has brought our University hiring to the next level, generating not only qualified hires but also brand awareness on an EMEA wide scale. We use it every day, and are excited to grow our partnership moving forward!”

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