Episode 2: 11th October

Selection Tool

Hire the right people for the right roles. AssessFirst’s advanced behavioural assessments help Talent Acquisition, HR and hiring managers understand their candidate’s personality, motivations and cognitive ability. Leveraging machine learning built into the AssessFirst platform, organisations can predict the probability of success of new hires for fast, fair, performance driven recruitment.

3 Active Clients: BNP Paribas Personal Finance, PwC, Airbus

3 Core USP’s


Leading user experience for candidates that provides them with exceptional value regardless of whether they are successful in the hiring process or not. Currently rated 4.9/5 on Google from 1,900 reviews


The DRIVE assessment helps organisations to understand candidate motivations in ways other assessment providers do not


The easy deployment of machine learning and AI empowers TA, recruitment and HR leaders with digital transformation that is cost effective, fast and helps to facilitate DE&I


Client Testimonial

“The first thing that really struck me about AssessFirst was the reliable science behind the technology. My CEO and I took the test, and it was incredibly accurate. Secondly, we wanted something tailored to us, something that was able to say what makes somebody at Spencer Ogden successful. Which was not necessarily the obvious traits that you look for in a recruiter.
Their platform is really easy to use with great post-sale customer service and the candidate experience is fantastic too. Each candidate actually leaves the application process with their own report, which helps them in the quest for their career by giving them a good summary of who they are as an individual and what type of career they might be suited to. As a result, their experience with us is positive whether they are successful in the job application or not.AssessFirst gives you really great value for your money. In our case, in 8 months of use, we’ve administered over 5,000 tests, resulting in 180 successful hires across the business in the first half of the year, which is about 30x more than we’ve ever done before. What’s more, we have observed 22% more diversity in our hiring, which was one of the key objectives of our 3-year plan.”

Donna Ramshaw, Chief People Officer at Spencer Ogden

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