Episode 3: 18th October

Selection Tool

Karat created the world’s first Interviewing Cloud to conduct technical interviews on behalf of organisations hiring software engineers. The Interviewing Cloud uses a global network of experienced engineers trained to deliver consistent interviews with questions and formats that align to your roles and hiring bar.

3 Active Clients: Jaguar Land Rover, Hays, UK Home Office

3 Core USP’s


The 24/7 availability of our live technical interviews allows you to reclaim valuable engineering hours, accelerate your hiring funnel, and increase candidate sign up rates.


Our platform provides a robust library of unbiased role-specific interview questions, structured scoring, and detailed results for consistent, predictive hiring.


We provide unparalleled data to optimize your entire hiring process – creating efficiencies like time in funnel and improved onsite-to-offer ratios.


Client Testimonial

“We’ve been blown away that we’re getting so much more information about our candidates, in such a standardized way, so much faster than we did on our own.”

Dan Winn, CTO, Deliveroo

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