Horsefly Analytics

Episode 2: 11th October

Selection Tool

Horsefly Analytics provides the most comprehensive, granular and accurate labour market data available through a user friendly platform. Our users can enter any set of search criteria – including skills, years of experience, job titles and location- and quickly get a snapshot of the market that includes average salaries, companies who hire the role, skills, supply and demand data and more. Additionally Horsefly provides diversity data, including gender gap information and ethnicity breakdowns.

3 Active Clients: Jaguar Land Rover, Hays, UK Home Office

3 Core USP’s


Unlike some of our competitors, all data in Horsefly has gone through extensive procedures to clean and validate the data, ensuring timely and accurate data.


Our web-based, user friendly platform generates powerful snapshots of the labor market for any position or skill, anywhere in the world in minutes.


Horsefly undertakes extensive translation of skills and job titles from around the world. This ensures taxonomy, which is key to utilising talent data efficiently.


Client Testimonial

If a line manager is asking the question of where these skill sets are based in Texas, for example, I would open Horsefly on the call with them and say, ‘Look, let’s build a search together. Let’s do that in real time. You tell me the skills you need and I’ll tell you where it’s available.’ And that is hugely powerful, because suddenly we’re bringing data to that conversation, but they’re helping me build the search and see the results in real-time. So it’s not an argument around the data HR is providing, it’s just working in partnership.”

David Vinton, former Head of Workforce Planning, Ørsted

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